Individual Eyelash Extensions


First 24-48 hours:

*Be gentle

*Avoid oil-based ANYTHING near eye area

*Avoid exposure to water (sweating, shower, sauna, tanning, etc)

*Do not use makeup or mascara

*Do not sleep on your face 

*Avoid windy conditions


*Do not rub your eyes excessively

*Do not pick at your lashes

*Avoid touching your lashes as much as possible

*Do not sleep on your lashes

*Avoid oil-based cleansers or makeup

*Do not frequently visit the sauna or steam room


After three weeks, about half of your eyelash extensions will have shed due to the natural human hair growth cycle.  To avoid a premature need for a new full set, visit your eyelash extensionist every two weeks for a "fill." 

Use of mascara:

The use of mascara is discouraged due to the nature of the product.  You will learn quickly that mascara is not needed.  That is the beauty of individual eyelash extensions done by experts at Little Lash Boutique

If you are no longer interested in getting eyelash extensions, do not pull them off yourself!

Make an appointment for a gentle removal.

How to Take Care of my Individual Eyelash Extensions

(Yes you can wet your individual eyelash extensions.  Please do!)